Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Metamorphosis Ch 3 questions

1. Does Gregor's family blame him for their present situation?

They kind of do since his was they person making the money and without him they have to go out themselves now, even though the father had some put away.

2. How does Gregor's family get over losing Gregor so quickly?

They stopped caring about him a long time ago, they had already moved on.

3. Does Gregor's family feel sadness at his death? Relief?

I think it may be both because since his their son they have to feel some sort of sadness from his death but in the end they didn’t want to help or take care of him anymore so it was kind of a relief.

4. Why does Gregor stop eating?

He feels like there’s no point in him being around if everyone has given up on him.

5. If Gregor is a bug, why do his feelings tend to be more humane than when he was human ?

The only think about him that wasn’t bug like was his feelings and its been like that through the whole story because he still cares for his family.

6. Why does the family abandon Gregor?

At first they really didn’t know how to take care of him but near the end they just get tired of taking care of him and gave up hope.

7. Why does Gregor still have love and affection for his family even after they start to forget about him?

He still cared for them because they were his family and even though they may not have cared anymore for him he saw passed that .

8. How long has Gregor been in the room before he dies?

He was in his room for at least a month.

9. Is there significance why the Maid finds Gregor dead and not one of his family members? After Gregor turns into a bug, he mentions that his family sometimes goes on walks together.

It just another sign that the family was forgetting about Gregor, like when they stop taking care of him and at the end of the book when they go on that walk together. It also shows that the family just didn’t care anymore.

10. Why does Grete NOW choose to get a job? Both her parents are getting them so what’s the point?

She wanted to be her own person and plus she didn’t have the responsibility of caring for Gregor anymore.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Why the future doesn't need us

Joy's thesis is that we rely too much on technology and that it will control us someday because of that weakness. We can start by slowing down with unnecessary advancements like better guns and planes or just weapon advancements altogether and focus on whats need like medicine. Institutions don't care about what's right or wrong or what is going to happen in the future they just care about now and how what ever they're doing is going to help them.

He would probably agree with Joy because we are becoming too technologically dependent which could one day be the end of mankind. He uses parts from books written by very respectable people to convey his message Yes he is a fear monger

Monday, September 22, 2008

Writing Prompt 2 9/19/08

Winston, the main character in George Orwell's 1984, a character who is struggling to free himself from the dictator like power of Big Brother and the Party. He begins to erxpress his need to over come the Party in his diary. If he the wrong way, which is the bad way, about the Party he will be killed, it is a struggle being fought in vain, the Party is always right.

The Party has a police force called the Thought Police that will find out, no matter how anyone trys to hide it, if they're plotting against the Party.Many people have been caught by the Thouhgt Police by them using the telescreen. When that person is caught, and they will be caught, they will be kiled and everything about them will be destroyed.

It is a struggle faught in vain by Winston because the Party has so much power and strikes fear into so many people. The Party controlseverything that goes on within the country Winston lives in. It,s an even harder struggle do to the fact that Winston works for the Party, though not in a very high position, which means he knows what the Party is capable of and willing to do to keep people under control. Which making it hard to fight against the Party when no one is willing to help you.

The struggle is even harder being the Party is always right. They have the power to re-write history, facts, and anything else they want to make it seen as though they were never and are never wrong. It's hard for Winston to fight them if he can't evenprove they're wrong.

The power struggle is used to enhance the meaning of the story. Without the power struggle it would just be another story about another person who doesn't like they're government.

Winston is struggling to free himself from the power of the Party and Big Brother. If there are no Thought Police, if his struggle isn't faught in vain, and if the Party wasn't always right Winston could have a chance of freeing himself of the Party's power.